Guide for Test Knitters

Guide for Test Knitters

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First of all: THANKS for agreeing to test knit for one of us! I’m immensely grateful and would like to let you know how much I appreciate you spending a lot of hours helping us insure my designs as wonderful as possible for future knitters.

To make life clearer for all of us we–the brilliant Lady Rowena and I–have put together this guide, which you can use as a checklist.

At this stage I expect the pattern to have flaws and mistakes – this is why I need people like you to test knit for us and point out where they are.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions – I expect you to have them and I will try and answer them quickly. If you see something in the pattern that doesn’t quite make sense – ask us before you have spent too much time trying to make something work that maybe I just didn’t explain well or had a brain meltdown while noting down. It’s better that you ask one time too many than too few!

Please don’t share any photos of your test knit items before checking with the designer. At times, it won’t matter, other times there might be a plan to use the pattern in a magazine or on a website that won’t accept it if it has been published in any form before. Plus, the whole pattern making process takes a while, and it can be nice to keep things a surprise for everyone else.

Please, keep to the time frame we have agreed together. We all know life can get in the way sometimes – mine does too. If something comes up, please take a moment to let me know, as I’m depending on you. I’ll do the same.

If you plan to read this pattern on an ipad or a tablet you can do the edits digitally of course.

Before starting:

  • Read through the pattern carefully. Check your gauge!!! Choose your size based on gauge and measurements given in the pattern. If you chose differently, please make a not of it and report back.
  • I have probably had a chat already about what yarn you plan to use. It is generally good if you can use the same yarn as I did, but sometimes a substitute can be useful too. If you use another yarn, make sure you keep the gauge right and keep good track of what and how much you use.
  • I recommend you make all your notes on a printed copy of the pattern. That way they are in one place when it comes to reporting back on your discoveries.
  • Ideally I would like you to follow the pattern down to the very last detail. If for some reason you feel so strongly about a specific instruction that you opt to do something differently, let us know what you did instead and importantly, why. If in doubt, ask!During knitting:
  • Make notes of everything that you have questions about, things that are unclear or need further explanation. In case you don’t understand – ask the designer!
  • Record where you struggle to understand or if you have issues with a special technique used in the pattern.
  • If you need to google or ask anyone for further information, please make note of where in the pattern you had to get additional advice. Did you find a good link or URL that I could share in the final pattern to help others?
  • Try not to assume too much if it isn’t clear. You might be a good enough knitter that you could almost guess how to knit the pattern if given loose instructions and a picture. The thing is, I need feedback and constructive criticism on those instructions because in the future some one not as adept as you may want to knit it and will need the pattern to hold their hand the whole way through.

After Knitting:

  • Does the item look as you thought/planned?
  • Is the size a good fit?
  • Would you recommend any changes to the fit/sizing, etc?
  • How much yarn did you use?
  • How did the blocking go – any additional special instructions needed for this part?
  • Report back on everything you noted in your pattern and thoughts and/or ideas you had while knitting the item.
  • Do you know a better way to phrase or do something in the pattern? I would LOVE to know about it!
  • Put your project up on Ravelry, if you have an account. The timing of this part is a little tricky. If it’s a pattern I’ve asked you to keep secret, you might want to write about it already, but don’t put up a picture. Then you can add an image and link it to the pattern when I give the go ahead. In most cases, if you add your project straight away, you can link it to the pattern once it is released. It will be really helpful for others to see what you have done and it also helps people want to pick the pattern – unlike you, some people are scared about being the very first one to knit something. Plus, you raving about how much you enjoyed knitting it and love the final result is part of how you help us!